Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hi folks well its been a while since I tapped the keys on my laptop as I have been here there and all over the place!!!! Firstly have a look at this great pic, you could never tell that it was taken on a Go-Pro head cam. Great quality and considering the camera is supposed to be a HD video camera that films underwater, it does take very good still'sas you can see.
This was our first filming trip of the year for my new DVD which will be out later this year hopefully in time for Christmas. The picture is of me landing a nice rainbow at Garnffrwd fishery in West Wales.
After that day it was a short trip home to unpack the car, re-pack the car and off to Scotland via Newcastle. Oh how I love driving !!! After a 6 hour drive I finally arrived at Paul's house he is a great friend and photographer extraordinaire some of the shots he comes up with are out of this world but dont take my word for it check out his website out http://www.pddigital.co.uk/gallery.php .
After a nice Chinese we sat up talking well into the early hours of the morning discussing the photo shoot and putting the world to rights!!!
Yeat another early start 6.30 and it was off to the famous Junction pool on the Tweed yes the Junction Pool !!!!!!!! But before you start to call me every name under the sun, No I was not fishing unfortunately, we were taking casting pictures with a salmon rod which had a bit of wool on the end!!!!!!.
Can you just imagine standing on the side of the river watching all those salmon jumping and moving up river and not being able to cast at them!!!( you see its not all fun and games)
After a long day of taking photos it was off to Glasgow for the Open weekend at the Angling Center and will post about that latter this week. Cheers for now

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