Friday, 8 March 2013

Daiwa New Era Fly Rods

New Era SLR Fly Rods from Daiwa
Well the rods have rolled off the production line in Wishaw in Scotland and are now on their way to shops all over the UK. These have been in development for over two years and when I was asked to join Daiwa as a Game Angling Consultant these were the rods that they had me working on first. The development and production plant in Scotland is second to none and although it has taken a bit of time and a lot of testing ( which I don’t mind because most of it was done fishing!!) for these rods to be produced I promise you the wait has been well worth it.

So why are these rods so special well its all to do with the X45 Carbon construction.

The range starts at a 9ft 5wt which has light and sensitive tip and is a great dry fly rod.

Small Stillwater fishing is covered with the 9ft 6wt

For bank anglers there are 3 in the range 9ft6inch 6wt, 9ft6inch 7wt and 9ft6inch 8wt. The 8wt is also a great single handed sea trout and salmon rod. Last year I was over in Norway and all the Scandinavians were flabbergasted by this rod.
Boat anglers are catered for with 3 rods 10ft 7wt, 10ft 8wt and a 11ft3inch 7/8 which also doubles up as a great switch rod

Salmon Anglers are well catered for with 5 rods starting with a 11ft3inch 7/8wt switch rod all the way up to 15ft 11wt.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Start of 2013

Well the picture above sums up the start of the year for me, bad weather, river levels high at first, then they were great but I could not get to the river because of the snow!!!!! Snow melt meant I was able to drive however when it gets into the river system it destroys the fishing for a few days!! Boy is this weather ever going to give  fishermen a break.
So no fishing for a bit so what else could I do. First Bearleft and I had to wrap up some projects that we had outstanding from last year.

My house was turned into a TV studio and we finished all the fly tying and some teck clips we had to do for the New Era Fly rod range from Daiwa. If you have a chance go and have a cast with these rods available soon at your nearest Daiwa dealer, you will be amazed by their performance.

 Well I finally got out on the river and was joined by Norri and Darren from Daiwa for a fishing day on the Dee in North Wales. Weather was ok but the river was a little high but fish-able in the back eddies and slack water. Above is Nori catching his first ever welsh Grayling. Not to be out done Darren latter on tried out the Daiwa Tenkara rod that he had sent over from Japan and by the smile on his face he was quite happy with its performance.

A nice fish on the 4 meter tenkara rod!

After a few days fishing it was time to pack and do our annual trip to Angling Ireland Expo in Dublin. This year Daiwa had a big stand to support all their Irish dealers and we had a stand tagged onto the end of that.
The Morgan girls manning the stand just before the show opened. In previous years the show had been accused of having too much for the game angler and not enough for the other disciplines. This time Mara Media had made sure that every aspect of fishing was covered. The seminar was packed with Sea- Game and Coarse fishing talks. New names at this years show were Bob Nudd MBE, Henny Gillby and Mike Thrussell all of whom proved very popular. Jim Clohessy and Marry Gavin Hughes's talks were again very well supported. On the casting pool we had Peter O Rilley, Glend Powell, Stevy Munn and Tom Dock from the House of Hardy. Oh yea we did our bit as well with Yasmin and Tanya impressing everybody with the standard to their casting. I did a bait casting demo for the first time in years and when there is a hoop on the water it does put a lot of pressure on you but even if I say it myself I was very accurate!!!! The one stand that always impresses me is Dublin Angling Initiative who run quizzes, questionnaires and a load of other stuff for the kids to enjoy. Once again a great show and big thank you to everybody who came and watched the demos and came to have a chat.

Well after coming home it was time for the Ospreys AGM which was a great excuse for a few of us to spend a few days up in Llangollen fishing the river Dee. Look closely at the pic above as this fish would not stay still at all for a pic. We had a great few days and Paul will be doing a little video with some of the highlights of the trip. Have a look at as the clips will be posted there.
Ok its time to pack again as I am getting ready for my spring trip up North for the Glasgow Open Weekend which keeps getting better and better every year. If you are coming please come and say high. We will have the full range of New Era rods for you to try out.
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