Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Grayling weekend

Well just returned from a fantastic Grayling weekend on the river Dee in North Wales. The pic shows John Emerson doing a fly tying demo without a vice!!!! Don't ASK !!!
To everybody on the course yes he did find it after the weekend!!!
Two days of good fishing on the Maelor beats. We fished the golf course on day one and concentrated on CZ nymphing with indicator cast and the French leader. The best catch of the day was shared between myself and Rob. He did try and push me in after I handed him the rod with the fish on the end of the line. I was taking pictures of Kenny up river of Rob and trying to explain to him how to track the nymphs down river but he could not quite master it so I took the rod and showed him only for a nice grayling to take the fly where he had been fishing for a while!!! Kenny could not stop laughing while the air above Robs head turned BLUE!!!!
The next day we fished DoleIsha and concentrated on fishing the braid as well as river craft. All in all a very successful weekend so much so that we have arranged another date 15-16th January. If you are interested in joining both John and myself drop me an email.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hi All
Just thought I would do a quick report on the Irish Fly Fair held in Galway over the weekend. First of all why do I and technology not get on!!!!! Got to Manchester airport only to be blocked on my way into the CAR park could not find my booking reference!!! then could not find me!! Well I knew where I was as I was stuck by the barrier as I told this Edjut on the intercom!!! Finally left in and everything else went smoothly. Arrived at the hotel to see Stevy Mun running around like a headless chicken but everything went with out a hitch. That does not come by accident it comes by careful planning so a great thanks must go to Hugh and Grace and all the staff from Mara Media who ran the event.
Oh yea have to thank Stevie as well for volunteering me for the MC job Thanks mate!!! The show was great with fly tiers from all over Europe and I think this show will go from strength to strength.
Had an early start to the airport only to wait there for a few hours for the plane. Got back to Manchester without a hitch but again spent 15 minutes at the Car park barrier trying to get out. Going to take a chain saw with me next time and if they cant find my reference that barrier is going Down!!!!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Puddleduck fishery. What a day with the Afan boys from Port Talbot. We spent the morning on the grass concentrating on casting and everybody improved their distance and accuracy. Then we descended onto the lake and all hell broke loose with rods bent all over the lake. I did not know who to help first. What a great day with a good bunch of lads on a great fishery. I will be back there soon. The fish above is a good double figure fish which was returned quickly to fight another day.
After this I had a week off and went on a barge trip with the whole family and Paul's family, 7 people on a barge was great fun especially when we struggled to get to Elmsmear before it got dark. The thing is there is no speedo on the boat so you dont know how fast you are going. On the way back to Chirk we saw a Salmon trying to run the overflow on the canal !! yea I know sounds far fetched but we took photos to prove it. Pick is of fish on its way back down the overflow.
Just spent the last day re-arranging the grayling course on the Dee as it was supposed to be on this weekend but due to the floods we have had to postpone it until 20-21st November.
Off to the Fly Fair in Ireland next weekend cant wait.