Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Where does time go!!!!! well its now 2012 and already February !! January was a good month, first, we finally finished my stillwater DVD
this was a 12 month project where I fished on small and large still waters. Even if I say it myself this is one of the best we have ever produced and a big thank you must go to Bearleft.TV for filming and putting together this 2 disc set. It has just received a fantastic review in this months Trout Fisherman. Here is a link to the trailer
After that I went fishing and my first competition of the year was The Colin Miller memorial match at Garnffrwd fishery and as you may be able to tell from the picture above I managed to win it. Great start to 012!!!
Next was the first show of the year yes I know what you are thinking Me in a Carp show well not really as it was Carp and Angling and I was quite busy teaching fly casting to Carp and predator anglers who wanted to give fly fishing for their respective quarry a go. It was held at the Norfolk showground and if this year is anything to go by look out for next years show as it will be bigger and better.
The biggest news I have to share is that I have joined Daiwa as a consultant to work on their game range. I have already tried some of their prototypes and believe you me there are some new and exciting things going to come out of Scotland in the next few seasons.
I am now packing and getting ready to go to Ireland for the Ireland Angling show in Dublin and this year both my daughters are going to feature in the demonstrations so the whole Morgan clan are off to the Emerald Isle