Tuesday, 19 October 2010

This is a short vid of one of the Grayling I caught on the river Dee on the Maelor stretch last week. Great 2 days fishing some of the fish on the golf course stretch came to a small black magic dry but all the others came to bugs in the fast water Paul and I had over 80 fish in two days.
After that it was off to Grafham to fish the Fry bash comp where you fish one day on Grafham and the next day on Rutland. Two days of fun and fishing. Day one on Grafham was good but very frustrating as I lost far too many fish in play. We spent all day on the North Shore just fishing in bays and by far the best fly was a tequila blob booby which accounted for most of the fish. There were bank anglers around and the ones that were successful were shuffling their feet to kick up the shrimp then walking out of the water and fishing where they had been standing. It was then off to Rutland but this was a different prospect flat calm for some of the day and very hard fishing. I managed to winkle one out as did my boat partner and what a fish a 5lb11oz fin perfect rainbow and what a fight, but the best fish was a 6lb10oz rainbow caught by Browns Island. Coming home I had the trip from hell car overheated was stranded on the hard shoulder of the M6 but managed to nurse the car as far as Telford but then had to be towed back home and arrived home around 1am. A word of caution here if you belong to a breakdown service through your bank "Check the FINE print" in the agreement as you could find yourself not covered and having to pay a lot more than you expected.!!!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Its been a few weeks since I sat down at the computer but its been an interesting time. First I was down at Granffrwd fishery teaching Bernie and had a great time. This fishery keeps producing great catches but you have to really fish hard for the fish. Dries down to size 20 or buzzers sized 16. Fish are just feeding in the little bays and you can see them mooching feeding on tiny insects. Fish small and light.
Next I was teaching Patrick on Ravensthorp and what a great fishery ideal small water for someone who wants to try boat fishing without being daunted by huge expanses of water. The water was not clear and the fishing proved hard but best method I found was washing line on a floater and a very slow retrieve.
Then it was off to Pitsford resy to do 2 days Pike filming It was tough on day one strong winds and bright sunshine but Antony did manage to catch one. Day 2 was far better but there could have been a bit more wind. We did manage to get 4 fish to camera and finish the DVD.
After this it was back to Granffrwd to teach Jonathan and we had a good morning but struggled in the afternoon. As I said before fish small flies on light tippet for the best results.
Tight Lines