Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Its been a few weeks since I last wrote and its been a hell of a few weeks. I have been in and out of Hospital with my eldest daughter with chest pains. The doctors don't know what is going on and when she wrote a letter to Santa she asked for one present and asked to be better before Christmas Shit how low did we feel as parents " Hun we all hope you will be better soon"

Did go and fish the Hanak Grayling Festival at Llangollen a few weeks ago and what a competition 18 teams of 3 caught 321 fish in Baltic conditions and the best fish was caught by Robbie Winram a 49.2 cm fish. There were 98 fish between 40-50cm. Team winners were 1st Wales Adams 2nd England Black Gnats 3rd England Dunkelds.
I controlled the last session on Sunday and I have never been so cold on a river bank- everything was freezing even my lucozada froze.
Lets hope the weather improves soon and Yasmin gets her wish!!