Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pictured left is Nick with a great fish from the Dee in North Wales. He was on the Grayling weekend I ran last weekend. The pupils came from far and wide to learn all different techniques from CZ nymphing with indicator tips, using the French leader set up as well as fishing with the braided cast for those difficult to detect takes.
All the participants were put through their paces with casting and shown all the casts they will ever need in the future. The two days were tough fishing but everybody caught but Nick's was the best. On Saturday night John Emmo did a fly tying demo and then allowed everybody to have a go for themselves.
It was surprising how two fishing days were so different as on the Saturday all the fish came to a dull pink shrimp but on Sunday all the fish came to a red tag caddis tied on a jig hook fished deep.
All in all a great weekend with everybody enjoying themselves and learning new techniques. The next course will be run in April dates to be confirmed and if you want to know more please drop me an email at

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hi all, well at the moment I have not been doing much fishing so not a lot to write about, however last weekend I was over in Dublin doing the show Angling Ireland with Mara Media. Now as a show, it was a great success with loads of people, and in these troubled times it was nice to see them spending much to relief of the staff and stall holders. It was great to meet up with old friends and make new ones. There were a few highlights for me and the first was to see 2 youngsters from the Irish Youth fly fishing team doing their first casting demonstration. They were Shaun and Shane who were a credit to themselves and to Irish youth fishing "well done lads, keep up the good work".
The second and for me the best moment of the weekend was when I met up with what I believe is one of my youngest fans Liam ( pictured above with Martin his dad). Martin told me that he does not like watching cartoons on the TV but will sit quietly through my programme . As he is so young he can not say my name but calls me tickles!!! Priceless!!!.
The funniest moment of the weekend was when I saw Hugh Bonner ( the organizer) and Stevy Mun running across the hall to the office to get water having just sampled the sushi prepared by Chris Sandford unfortunately he forgot to tell them about the wasabi paste that was on them!!!! Nice one Chris!!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Well all the rivers are flooded at the moment just as we were going to start filming a new DVD so I thought I would share what I did last week. First it was off to Bankhouse fishery near Lancaster and boy was it cold. Best method over the two days were the infamous apps bloodworm fished slow and deep on an intermediate line. It was the Ospreys team get together well that was not the real reason as it was Paul's 50th a week before so we decided to celebrate it or commiserate with him. We had a good day's fishing on Saturday and then had the night from hell no food at the pub no heating so all in all not a great weekend.
After this Paul and I spent 2 days fishing on the rivers up North. First we went to the Eden and what a bad day's fishing I had one half-hearted take and Paul managed to catch 2 fish. Personally I believe that due to the very hard freeze that the rivers have been hit hard by cormorants and as there were no anglers around they have had a field day!!!.
Next it was onto the Tweed above Peebles and what a great looking stretch of water- we spent the day searching all the likely looking spots only to find some grayling late on in the day and again Paul was Lucky and managed to get one fish out- a nice one around 2lb.
These two rivers should have produced far more fish in what were ideal conditions but hey that's fishing. Lets hope the rain now stops so we can start filming the new DVD and I'm off to Dublin this weekend for the fishing show, hope to see you there.