Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Its been one hell of a busy few weeks where I have been filming my web clips with Aaron from It was a great day's work and we filmed a load of clips covering all sorts of of fishing stuff. Some are up on my you tube page now and cover the following

Salmon rods Spey or Underhand

Tying a fly with the New Bug Bond UV cured varnish

Yasmin my eldest tying her favorite fly the Pink Panther

Tanya my youngest tying the Tan Cat fly

I tried the new Airflo 40+ and this is how I got on

Go check them out some good information there and if you have any questions or you want me to review anything drop me an email at

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pictured left is Yasmin my eldest fishing at Garnffrwd but more of that later. First I have been busy with Aaron my director and we have filmed a lot of clips for my new Facebook page "Hywel Morgan Fly fishing". They will cover all sorts of topics such as - Salmon rods Spey V Shooting heads, New Airflo 40+, Waders, new Wichwood wader bag and Family fly tying. They will be up soon on FB, my website and You tube. If you have any topics that you want me to film let me know.
After that Yasmin, Debs and myself spent a day on Garnffrwd fishing, well it was practice for me as I was fishing in my first Welsh trial since 2003 for the Welsh Bank fishing team. During the day we found that the fish were either feeding subsurface and by that I mean the top 2ft of water or they were taking off the top so on the morning of the match I set up with 3 rods. One was my banker washing line on an intermediate with 2 Diawls up the cast. Two was my dry set up 9ft 4wt tapered leader with 3ft of fluro on and a olive F fly size 18. Third was a stalking set up 9ft 5wt with fluro on and some of my staking bugs ready to go.
Why does the weather change every day I mean you practice and sort out what you are going to do only for the conditions to totally change. On practice day it was flat calm and sunny on comp day it was cloudy and windy!!!!! Ah well at least the fish did not mind and came out to play. On my first peg I lost my first 3 fish in dries so changed methods to the washing line and landed 2 fish much to my relief I was off and running!!! My highlight of the day was on my second peg after lunch, I got out the dries and as the hooter sounded my dry landed and a fish took the fly " I love it when a plan comes together" I did qualify so I am back in a Welsh team and will be off to Barfinnehy Lake Killarney in Ireland in October.
All in all it was a great competition and I must thank all the controllers who came and helped out and congratulate Jamie the owner on a great venue and great match.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Glasgow Open weekend

Well the dust has settled after the open weekend in Glasgow and I just thought I would share this picture with you as it made me very nervous- its Phil Varney from Venyard getting ready for something!!!!!! Seen here in his best boiler suit and black rubber gloves!!! Be scared be very scared!!!
It was a fantastic three days and I would like to thank everybody who came down to the canal to watch my demo's as it was cold down there.
It was great to catch up with people that I have not seen in a while and great to see new products that I had not seen before. Nice to see the new eyed heads from Tubeology- they should make great pike flies. David from Bugbond was tying some great sea patterns and I have set him a challenge to see if he can use his bugbond to make some special shuttlecocks- will let you know how he gets on. Saw some nice new products from Simms and cant wait to get my hands on my new G4 jacket. Also picked up Wychwood's new wader bag- great product as I am fed up of putting on wet and damp waders every time I go fishing. Just put them in the bag and hang it up hey presto dry waders in the morning. I have been told that they have a white reel coming out soon and I have put my name down for one of those. ( I can hear you now "tackle tart" yes I am just like every other fishermen)
It was very humbling weekend for me being asked for my autograph by kids and having my photo taken with them. This is something I will never tire of and it is so important nowadays that we take time to encourage children into the sport.

The highlight of the weekend for me was being asked to be an Ambassador for the young peoples charity "Get hooked on Fishing ." If you want to know more about the charity visit their website and if you can help get in touch with them.

Hi folks well its been a while since I tapped the keys on my laptop as I have been here there and all over the place!!!! Firstly have a look at this great pic, you could never tell that it was taken on a Go-Pro head cam. Great quality and considering the camera is supposed to be a HD video camera that films underwater, it does take very good still'sas you can see.
This was our first filming trip of the year for my new DVD which will be out later this year hopefully in time for Christmas. The picture is of me landing a nice rainbow at Garnffrwd fishery in West Wales.
After that day it was a short trip home to unpack the car, re-pack the car and off to Scotland via Newcastle. Oh how I love driving !!! After a 6 hour drive I finally arrived at Paul's house he is a great friend and photographer extraordinaire some of the shots he comes up with are out of this world but dont take my word for it check out his website out .
After a nice Chinese we sat up talking well into the early hours of the morning discussing the photo shoot and putting the world to rights!!!
Yeat another early start 6.30 and it was off to the famous Junction pool on the Tweed yes the Junction Pool !!!!!!!! But before you start to call me every name under the sun, No I was not fishing unfortunately, we were taking casting pictures with a salmon rod which had a bit of wool on the end!!!!!!.
Can you just imagine standing on the side of the river watching all those salmon jumping and moving up river and not being able to cast at them!!!( you see its not all fun and games)
After a long day of taking photos it was off to Glasgow for the Open weekend at the Angling Center and will post about that latter this week. Cheers for now