Monday, 12 July 2010

Last week I told you that I would let you know how I got on fishing for bass down in Tenby well I broke my duck on my second ever trip. We were out with Dave Lewis from Sea Angler doing a photo shoot and all you anglers know when the camera's are about the fish go into hiding. Well not this time, after a fruitless few runs we anchored up near a reef and waited for the tide to come in. I used a 9ft 3inch 8/9wt with a DI7 on and one of my sand eel patterns. Dave and Kev fished with bait and spinners but with no response and just when all hope was seemed lost I hooked into a nice 2lb bass. I know its not a specimen but hey its my first- look out in sea angler in a few month's and you will see the cheesy grin on my face.
Then it was off to teach in Germany-Hamburg to be exact two days of teaching in extreme heat, Sat was far too warm but at least Sunday was bearable. On the way home I was up graded by BA and had a very pleasant flight home pity it was so short. Then down to Buckland lake fishery to teach with the Kent Disabled anglers. A great day with great people at a great fishery. Then it was supposed to be the drive from hell !!! so I thought!! Around the M25 onto M3 and the A303 to call into Avon Springs- No traffic jams at all and this at 5 o clock!!!!!
Finally got home at late o'clock only to get up this morning to drop Yas off at School at 5.15am so she could catch the buss to go on the school trip to France!!!
Cant sleep at the mo so I am working on a new exciting project with BEARLEFT.TV for a new DVD - should be a good one, anybody know of any good Pike waters let me know.
Off to Trawsfynydd tomorrow guiding then onto Stocks for the Lexus.

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