Friday, 8 March 2013

Daiwa New Era Fly Rods

New Era SLR Fly Rods from Daiwa
Well the rods have rolled off the production line in Wishaw in Scotland and are now on their way to shops all over the UK. These have been in development for over two years and when I was asked to join Daiwa as a Game Angling Consultant these were the rods that they had me working on first. The development and production plant in Scotland is second to none and although it has taken a bit of time and a lot of testing ( which I don’t mind because most of it was done fishing!!) for these rods to be produced I promise you the wait has been well worth it.

So why are these rods so special well its all to do with the X45 Carbon construction.

The range starts at a 9ft 5wt which has light and sensitive tip and is a great dry fly rod.

Small Stillwater fishing is covered with the 9ft 6wt

For bank anglers there are 3 in the range 9ft6inch 6wt, 9ft6inch 7wt and 9ft6inch 8wt. The 8wt is also a great single handed sea trout and salmon rod. Last year I was over in Norway and all the Scandinavians were flabbergasted by this rod.
Boat anglers are catered for with 3 rods 10ft 7wt, 10ft 8wt and a 11ft3inch 7/8 which also doubles up as a great switch rod

Salmon Anglers are well catered for with 5 rods starting with a 11ft3inch 7/8wt switch rod all the way up to 15ft 11wt.

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