Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fishing round up

Well its been some time since I sat down and wrote something for my blog but I have been busy teaching, doing demos and shows. Due to time constraints I am going to skip through some of the highlights of the last few months.Above you will see Yasmin waiting to get onto the Ferry to Dublin to do the Angling Ireland show. This was the first time the Morgan clan had all gone over and a big thank you must go to Mara Media for making the girls so welcome. Both Yas and Tanya were fantastic and it was the first time they have done a demo indoors with the audience so close, but both of them enjoyed the experience.
Glasgow Angling Center weekend proved to be another fantastic success, Bearleft and myself were there filming for my YouTube channel If you have never been to the Open weekend check out you tube and it will show you what you are missing.
After a few shows it was back down to do some filming so Bearleft and I rocked up at Draycott to do a Spring early season fishing section for my new DVD but what a day 25 degree heat and everything looking like a summers day. The lake was very low but at least the fish started co-operating after a while!!!
 One of the highlights this Spring for me was being guest at the Help for Heroes charity match on Llandegfedd- congratulations to everybody who organized and fished this event as nearly £4,000 was raised for the cause.

Above I am doing one of my distance casting demo's at the Dutch Fly Fair. It was fantastic to return to this show after not being there for years. Great to make new friends and catch up with people I have not seen in years. I would like to thank Caveman and Jo for  the invitation and congratulations to you both for such a successful show.
The day after Dutch Fly Fair I was off to the Lake of Menteeth in Scotland to help the wife fish in the Ladies International Match.( Above Debs adopts a relaxed fishing position for the practice day !) We had one days practice and the fish in the lake were turbo charged bars of silver. Tested both fishermen and their tackle!!! To be honest every woman that fished the competition deserved a medal as the lake was flat calm and 30 degrees !!!!!!! Not good for fishing but great for a sun tan!!!! Congratulations to Scotland who were worthy winners.
There are many more high lights but unfortunatley I have got to go and do some work!!!! I am now working on some new fly selections for next years Daiwa's game range.
Tight Lines 

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