Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I cant believe that its been nearly a month since I sat here on my laptop and wrote a blog, where has all the time gone. I am going to lobby the government and see if we can have a 10 day week in the summer and a 4 day week in the winter!!! Should have been a bear really so I could hibernate through the winter!!!! Its been a very busy month or so. Highlight of the month was captured in the picture, this is Chris just after the surprise was sprung on her. Pete her husband had arranged a fishing trip to Wales but not told Chris that he had arranged a lesson for her. The look on her face was priceless and she was a great pupil picked things up very quickly. ( Pete thanks and I apologize if she keeps saying "Hywel says this")
We had two great days at the Welsh Game fair at Llandeilo but on Saturday every time I stepped on the casting platform it rained so thank you to everybody who stood out in the rain to see the demos.
I appeared on Sky sports "Tightlines" with Keith if you missed it it can be viewed on line http://www.skysports.com/podcast/0,20494,19916,00.html
I have been doing quite a bit of guiding and its been very up and down because of the river levels.
Filmed yesterday with S4C Welsh TV tying flies with kids and then seatrout fishing in the night why o why are fish soo camera shy!!!!!
The welsh Bank team had there first meeting at Garnfrwwd and what a day after a good meeting we all went fishing and it was great fun with everybody catching on all sorts of methods but the best was dry flies down to size 18. I took the family and both Debs and Yasmin caught but the best fun of the day was watching Tanya my youngest play tug of war with a few fish- she's not really got the hang of fighting fish yet so me thinks a few more lessons in the garden before she goes again. The best bit was that she was casting and hooking them on her own and all this at 6 years old, well done darling.
Well got to go as I have a few busy days ahead opening The Angling Unlimited Educational and Training Centre in Coventry tomorrow the guiding on Rutland before fishing Draycott for two days.
Tight Lines

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