Monday, 24 January 2011

Hi all, well I just thought I would share with you the trials and tribulations of my trip to Belfast for the show at the Kings Hall last weekend.
Firstly, on the left is a picture of my good friend Stevie Munn trying my indoor casting rod. (But I must tell you mate that on Saturday I met your mum and two sisters, sorry Munny you are second division compared to them.)
So lets tell you about my trip, it was challenging from the start. In Manchester airport I tried to get on the wrong plane!!! ( Not my fault!!!! 2 different airlines both going to the same destination from the same place at the same time) confused well I was!!!!!!!. They politely told me that my gate was the otherside of the airport so it was a mad dash and thank god I made it to the other gate( Oxygen!!!!)
Well made it and on arrival met up with Rick from Wickford Angling and what a night !!!!
The show proved to be a bit slow on Friday but the weekend improved with a very good crowd. We all went to one of the oldest bars in Belfast the Crown Bar and what a great place to have a relaxing beer but its also
across the road from the most bombed hotel in Europe.
It was great to see all the stalwarts of the Irish Fly tying scene giving demonstrations and tuition to all interested anglers.
A great weekend and having met loads of old and new friends I look forward to getting back there next year. I have to go now and tie 10 cats whiskers and 10 Damsel nymphs for a customer.
Tightlines and see you all in Dublin in a few weeks

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  1. Don't feel too bad. Because I owned an off airport car park in Manchester, we always flew fom Manchester. My wife booked Stansted and never told me and we turned up at Manchester.
    We have never lived this down

    Dave from