Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Isle of Lewis trip

After a 3 hour drive to Manchester an hour’s wait I started my trip to The Isle of Lewis. The first hurdle was to get through Flybee check in and to my astonishment they charged me £30 extra to get 2 rods into the hold- "sporting equipment " but after 2 short flights and a little bumpy landing I had arrived .

We started the first course at 5.30 in windy condition and just to make it more difficult it rained as well after 3 hours we went inside and did theory for an hour. The next day Ian and I spent the day fishing for salmon and I managed one tough day but there were a few fish about. Then in the evening it was the second course and we did it on the football pitch under floodlights a great evening even though it was raining.

Thursday Ian, Eric and I went fishing and boy what a day 7 salmon and a few lost we had to leave the river as I had to go and teach the last lesson and it was very hard leaving the river when it was full of fish, but we just about made it with 5min to spare.

I flew back on Friday and went straight to Harewood house for the Yorkshire Game Fair and it was a good weekend except when I opened my rod tube to do the first demo on Saturday only to find the Flybee had smashed my rod in transit, thankfully I had put a spare in the car.

Thank you to everybody who attended the courses and to everybody who and watched the demos at the show.

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